Photo of Duff Brenna on book tour in Bend, Oregon Cover of Murdering the Mom, a memoir by Duff Brenna Cover of Minnesota Memoirs, short stories by Duff Brenna Cover of The Book of Mamie, a novel by Duff Brenna

She is reading his scribblings aloud as he does her hair, and it sounds to him like something all unique and full of biblical harmonies and hard knuckles of truth. He wonders if all writers feel like prophets. He can feel his ears munching on his own words as she reads them. He can hear himself roaring and saying things he didn’t know he knew.

—Jasper John, The Holy Book of the Beard


Duff Brenna at Davy Byrnes Pub in Dublin during The Willow Man book tour. See a resemblance to Stevie Ray Vaughn?
Photo of Duff Brenna at Davy Byrnes Pub

Davy Byrnes Pub
billed as Dublin’s most famous pub, where James Joyce (and his fictional character Leopold Bloom) often dined

Stevie Ray Vaughn
one of North America’s most electrifying blues guitarists

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